15 x Warmer Than Goose Down
Fibregel is a high-tech but stylish jacket, created from a blend of fibreglass and aerogel. Aerogel is used by NASA to insulate spacesuits and shuttles, and provides 15 x more insulation than goose down feathers, making it the best insulator known to man. Fibregel is the next generation of ultra-thin, lightweight and stylish jackets for everyday winter wear, giving you the warmth of a heavy ski jacket or puffy down jacket without compromise.
Not Just a Warm Jacket
With 15 entries into the Guinness book of world records, aerogel is one of the most astonishing substances of our time. In addition to its incredible warmth, our aerogel jacket is 100% waterproof, highly breathable, low cost, lightweight and durable.

For the first time, we are combining a waterproof outer layer with 100% hydrophobic aerogel insulation. Unlike down jackets, Fibregel will keep you toasty even in torrential rain making it ideal for all types of adventures. Fibregel can also be washed many times without losing its waterproofing ability.


Even though our special aerogel composition completely repels liquid water, vapour molecules can still pass freely through millions of pores inside the material. Fibregel is therefore highly breathable and will keep your body dry and comfortable all the time.

We’re not the first company to produce aerogel clothing, but traditional methods for the production of aerogel are known to be expensive. Our unique production process is the reason why Fibregel is the world’s lowest costing aerogel jacket with a target retail price of between $80 - $120.

Aerogel has the lowest density of any solid known to man and is practically weightless. It’s not surprising that Fibregel jackets are amongst the lightest in outdoor winter jackets, weighing less than 300g. Our jackets can also fold and pack down into a small carry case so you can take them everywhere you go.


Aerogel is an incredibly durable and strong material capable of supporting 4000 times its own weight. This means our jackets can endure thousands of compressions without affecting the core features.

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